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I like the way you WASC it--no diggity

I "may" have forgot to mention that last spring I decided to take on the task of being our school's WASC Coordinator for the 2016-17 school year. Many of you will probably stop reading the blog as of now because you realize that I must be some b-shiza crazy lady that is clearly unfit to be around children.

Let me reassure your fears and tell you I did it for the money...well rather the convenience of making the money. For the last two years I have been moonlighting (well, there's only been moonlight in the winter months, but that's besides the point) as an adjunct assistant professor in Humanities at the local JC. Long ago when my hair was long and my hips hadn't been separated by two giant children, I aspired to be a professor at the university. After a couple of years in grad school and a relocation to the sunny hills of northern California, my priorities changed and I forgot about life in the Ivory Tower.

Fast forward to 2013 or 14...somewhere in there (babies make my brain foggy) I received a phone call from a local JC and then an interview....and then! way to my surprise, a job offer to teach American Studies in the evening. After looking at the pay and the hours, I quickly said yes and I was on to yet another maximizing adventure in the world of Miss B...oooh, Professor Miss B. fast forward to this year. Sorry, lots of VCR talk in this post. The WASC position presented itself to me and I applied for it because I could make similar money with a less restrictive schedule. I can soberly say that this was one of the craziest things I have ever taken on, but it was also one of the best jobs I have ever had. Through the last 8 or so months of crazy I have learned an absurd amount about our school, my friends, my family, and most importantly myself.

Here's my recap of WASC-ing greatness all in a cute quantitative list:

3--how many times I cried in front of our Statistics teacher, which is one of my favorite people in the world. When I apologized for crying, he said it didn't bother him and in fact, "crying is a good thing, it relieves stress and regulates serotonin." Just love that logic.

1--the first draft I wrote in December

8--the proceeding drafts I wrote in January

9--how many drafts I will end up having written because I found a flippin' error in chapter 5 last Friday (insert angry eyes "Play, Fail, Play, Repeat" blog to have this all make sense)

67--the number of overtime hours just in January alone (although the number isn't all accurate because I left off about 6 hours to put on for February because I thought it looked too over the top)

13--the total cups of tea I had while working away at my ad-hoc desk in my bedroom

23--the number of parent surveys we got back

200--the number of parent surveys we sent out

7--the non-response bias for our student survey (I know what this means now! holla! James is the best Statistics teacher eva!!!)

193--the number of student surveys we got back :)

10--the number of days I get to spend in Ireland and Italy with the husband because I chose to take WASC paychecks instead of Community College worth it.

And although the small list above is just that, small, it doesn't take into consideration the emotional toll this job has taken on my family and me. I often look at things like this as opportunities for growth and the little optimist in me is doing just that. This job has given me a few puzzle pieces to a much bigger puzzle that has been dumped at my feet by some tornado of nails three-year-old and I couldn't be more grateful or excited to see how I will put that puzzle together in the future.

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